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The Park

The Park

“Seafood Gastropub”

Gastropub: gástrō pùb – noun Brit. a British term for a public house that specializes in serving high-quality food

The Gastropub movement started in the early 90’s in London, Eng¬land. The idea of taking an existing pub, injecting a gourmet chef, and elevating the experience for its patrons crossed the pond and has been permeating the fare; it’s long overdue for Hawaii!

Welcome to The Park – Seafood Gastropub. The Park is a neighborhood Eatery and Pub in the heart of Kapiolani Park just minutes from famous Waikiki featuring handcrafted food, craft beer, and classic cocktails.

The Park is the best place in Waikiki to enjoy great locally sourced food, 24 unique and rotating craft beers on tap, and a carefully curated selection of small-batch craft wine and spirits in a warm and welcoming pub environment. Our special board is updated daily with seasonal food and cocktail specials as we take pride in offering quality, responsibly sourced options to our customers.

The Park Food, Drink & Provisions seeks to serve the neighborhood as a meeting point where people can congregate and enjoy their favorite comfort food classics albeit with an timely twist.